Better Sleep, More Energy, or Sleep Problems

To improve sleep and increase energy or diagnose the cause of your sleep problems, we need first to discover if you are at risk of having an undiagnosed sleep disorder in 4 easy steps.

By answering a few questions (time needed is less than 5 minutes) using the widely accepted clinical screening tool the STOP-BANG Questionnaire to determine if you are at risk of obstructive sleep apnea (a common sleep disorder with major impacts on your sleep and health).

Submit the order form for a clinically validated, easy to use, and disposable Watch PAT home sleep apnea test. The kit arrives at your home in 3-4 business days.

We deliver the kit free of charge to your home address. At bedtime, just connect the device to your mobile phone and wear the WatchPAT in a few minutes.

A few days after the test, you will receive a detailed sleep report with recommendations from our board-certified sleep specialists to help you have better sleep and more energy.