If you have a Stop-Bang score higher than 2 and/or an Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) score higher than 10, then you need a Home Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Test. Our NightOwl® is the world’s smallest, most convenient, and accurate home sleep apnea test.

The self-pay price is $249 that includes the test kit, free shipping to most locations in the USA, and a report with interpretation and treatment recommendations from a board-certified sleep physician at our Neuro Synchrony Sleep Center.  If you have medical insurance, and you are a resident of Florida, USA, we’d have to check your benefits prior to scheduling, as your insurance may cover all or most of the cost of your test.

Please fill and send the form below to request a home sleep test appointment, a sleep consultation appointment, or for any inquiries, and our specialized sleep team will be in touch with you soon

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Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) Made Simple

Designed for safety, ease, and professional results at the safety and comfort of your own home in just one night.